French Exam Testimonials

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Jane as a tutor.

I have had the pleasure of Jane tutoring my child, Samuel French GCSE. I knew things were heading in the right direction as my child was looking forward to his lessons! He made positive mention of Jane’s methods and was confident in her teaching. Jane is without a doubt, a very experienced tutor who has turned around my son’s GCSE Grade from a 5 to 8 and I highly recommend Jane as a tutor without any reservations.

Parent of Samuel (GCSE), Altrincham

Thank you so much for all the hard work over the past 10 years. All three of our children have benefited from your skilled and caring approach. They have all achieved their potential at GCSE thanks to your tutoring. You have given them the confidence to use their language skills and all three will have lived and worked in France during their gap year.

Parent of Alex, Kirsty and Stuart, (GCSE), Great Warford

Thank you so much for all your help and encouragement, which you gave my daughter, Jenna over the past few months. She really enjoyed the French lessons with you and achieved an amazing grade 8.

Parent of Jenna (GCSE), Knutsford

I got an A!! Thank you so much for getting me there, would definitely not have happened without your help so thank you!! I am over the moon!!!

Lillian (GCSE), Holmes Chapel

Just to let you know that Lillian got an A in her French, with a UMS of 351 so we are very pleased – she was just 9 points short of an A*. Thank you for all your help, she would not have managed it without you!

Sharon, Parent of Lillian (GCSE), Holmes Chapel

Thank you so much for being a fantastic teacher. You have really helped me to improve my spoken and written French by providing a clear and structured set of lessons.

Orna, Alderley Edge

I studied with Jane for 2 1/2 years and did French GCSE outside school hours. I got an A and was just 1 UMS off an A* which is less than a mark. This was very frustrating! Nevertheless, I feel so confident with French and still love the language and loved being taught by you. Thank you for all your hard work.

Mia (GCSE), Knutsford

Jane was really helpful in the lead up to my French GCSE. She helped me to widen my vocab and improved my listening skills lots – she really gave me the confidence to achieve my A*, 5 marks under full marks! Thanks, Jane!

“With Jane’s help, I was able to undertake my French AS-Level studies with confidence, and was really pleased with the results ‘A’, especially the 100% that I achieved in the oral exam. Without Jane’s help I would never have achieved my A* grade and got into Cambridge university.” Many thanks Jane!

Rachael (GCSE & A2), Knutsford

Jane gave me the confidence and support to achieve the highest possible marks in the written and listening sections achieving A grade in A’ level French. The grammar consolidation was really useful and she prepared me very well for all sections of the exam. I would not have been so successful without Jane’s help.

Hannah (A2 level), Knutsford

You really cleared up a lot of the grammar for me, which really helped me to achieve a B grade.

Margaret (AS level French), Goostrey