French Testimonials

It gives me great pleasure to recommend Jane as a tutor.

I have had the pleasure of Jane tutoring my child, Samuel French GCSE. I knew things were heading in the right direction as my child was looking forward to his lessons! He made positive mention of Jane’s methods and was confident in her teaching. Jane is without a doubt, a very experienced tutor who has turned around my son’s GCSE Grade from a 5 to 8 and I highly recommend Jane as a tutor without any reservations.

Parent of Samuel (GCSE), Altrincham

I take this opportunity to thank you for the last few months. It has been an interesting experience, not least getting my brain working in a different way! certainly challenging. I feel in a decent place for going to France and making myself understood and being able to engage in some simple conversations so thanks for getting me to this point.

Doug, Macclesfield

Having taken my A level as a mature student 10 years ago I was keen to keep up with my French.  I started with Jane 9 years ago and that length of time is testament to how valuable her lessons are.  She has been happy to tailor the sessions to the focus I wanted on conversation but also has ensured that we continue to keep up standards of written work, listening, reading and grammar.

Corinne, Alderley Edge

Our 9 year old son showed an interest in learning French. Jane has taught him with patience and kindness over a year now. He now knows more French than most adults! 

Parent of Alexander, Bollington

Thank you so much for all the hard work over the past 10 years. All three of our children have benefited from your skilled and caring approach. They have all achieved their potential at GCSE thanks to your tutoring. You have given them the confidence to use their language skills and all three will have lived and worked in France during their gap year.

Parent of Alex, Kirsty and Stuart, (GCSE), Great Warford

Planning to spend more time on holiday in France, we wanted to improve our spoken French. Jane was great at reinforcing the basics, quickly improving our pronunciation and confidence and moving at a good pace. It has really made a big difference!

Ros & John, Knutsford

I have lived and worked in France for a few years, and never really understood how to learn the language. After 5 weeks of 2 lessons a week from Jane I now have a greater understanding of French and how the language is written and spoken. Jane has taught me pronunciation and has also given me a structure of how to continue learning on my own accord. Some of my French friends have been impressed with the improvements in my accent and general conversation. I would definitely recommend Jane and her language skills and would not hesitate to book more lessons in the future. Merci beaucoup

Tina, Stockport

I have been studying Business French with Jane for over 6 months overcoming the challenges of COVID 19 by building an effective video-based lesson format. Taking the basics I had managed to retain from school 25 years before Jane focused on establishing my knowledge base and built a program that is tailored and in particular relevant to my business needs and terminology. Combining spoken and written exercises has greatly assisted in absorbing the required knowledge. I would recommend Jane for anyone needing to learn Business or regular French language skills.

Neil, Shred-it

I have been having lessons with Jane for the last 2 years and found her teaching well structured. She puts in a lot of work in the preparation of the lesson plus appropriate homework. Jane covers all aspects of learning the language and has helped me with pronunciation and listening which I find difficult.

Jennifer, Sale

Jane’s approach to teaching languages was perfect for me. After taking French at school but forgetting most of it, I found the structure to the lessons and homework very fulfilling. Starting at the very beginning, combining reading, speaking and listening, the lessons soon started to be rewarding, and confidence building. I would have no problem recommending Jane’s services to anyone wishing to learn another language.

Mark, Mobberley