Beginners French Tuition

Get by in the French language. The following topics are covered:

  • French culture and way of life
  • Self & Family
  • Shopping
  • Eating Out
  • Getting around (directions/transport)
  • Accommodation

Emphasis is given to the spoken language including pronunciation and to communication using basic phrases.

Our Latest French Language Tuition Reviews

I take this opportunity to thank you for the last few months. It has been an interesting experience, not least getting my brain working in a different way! certainly challenging. I feel in a decent place for going to France and making myself understood and being able to engage in some simple conversations so thanks for getting me to this point.

Doug, Macclesfield

I have lived and worked in France for a few years, and never really understood how to learn the language. After 5 weeks of 2 lessons a week from Jane I now have a greater understanding of French and how the language is written and spoken. Jane has taught me pronunciation and has also given me a structure of how to continue learning on my own accord. Some of my French friends have been impressed with the improvements in my accent and general conversation. I would definitely recommend Jane and her language skills and would not hesitate to book more lessons in the future. Merci beaucoup

Tina, Stockport

I have been having lessons with Jane for the last 2 years and found her teaching well structured. She puts in a lot of work in the preparation of the lesson plus appropriate homework. Jane covers all aspects of learning the language and has helped me with pronunciation and listening which I find difficult.

Jennifer, Sale