Online Skype / Zoom German Tuition

I offer lessons online using Skype or Zoom. This is a valid solution offering an alternative to students who live too far away to take advantage of face to face tuition.

Our Latest German Language Tuition Reviews

Jane was recommended to us by a former pupil’s parents having gained a great German GCSE result (8). Our daughter has been working with Jane online now for over six months and is planning to take her GCSE a year early.
The progress to date is fantastic. Jane has a very structured approach and has an incredibly supportive style of teaching. My daughter is committed to delivering for Jane week on week, as she can see the effort made to help her on her educational journey. I would seriously recommend Jane as a languages tutor.

Parent of Siena, Warrington

The online group lessons from Jane have been great. We cover grammar, read books together and improve our speaking skills as a group in a friendly atmosphere.
We have been doing presentations about topics of our interest, so this helps us to learn not only the language but also the culture, geography, music and food of Germany. This has really improved my vocabulary, and when trying to converse with native speakers, gives me a range of things I can try to talk about.
The online group lessons work very well, especially for speaking and listening, which are key aspects when learning any language. The other benefit is the ease of being able to log into the lesson from your own home, which is convenient and time-efficient.
Our group has enjoyed the lessons so much we are planning a trip to Germany to improve our language skills further, when the Covid restrictions are lifted!

Charlotte, Northwich

I had been attending German language courses in-group sessions for a number of years. I had reached a point where for various reasons I was not making progress. It was only when Jane suggested that online lessons would be very beneficial. Only now, after many years of learning German have I made steady progress on Skype. I think that having personal tuition for some people is very beneficial as both tutor and student can spend an extended time together without the distractions and time limitations of group lessons.

Wayne, Northwich