Exam Italian Tuition

Geared for students who wish to improve their grades for GCSES and A level examinations. Emphasis is placed on the grammatical structure of the language which is essential if the listening and spoken skills are to be developed. These courses are strongly focused to take the advantage of the time available. Student’s motivation has to be high to achieve a marked improvement within a short space of time.

I offer initial assessment followed by parental discussion to establish the way forward.

Where students have been fully engaged, excellent results have been routinely achieved. See testimonials.

Our Latest Italian Language Tuition Reviews

I know Michela worked hard but we are also aware that your encouragement, dedication and professionalism played a huge part in her success. Every lesson was well planned and structured and the regular homework ensured that Michela would achieve the best grade possible A*. It has been wonderful to watch Michela’s confidence grow and to hear her converse with her grandparents and cousins.

Parent of Michela (GCSE), Kingsmead

I studied Italian with Jane for just over a year in preparation for my final IB Italian exam (an A-level alternative). Jane is an attentive, meticulous teacher with a passion for what she does. Having lessons with Jane saw my Italian improve massively in a short space of time. Her lessons were extremely well planned, setting out clear aims for me to achieve, putting emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. Without Jane, I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I need to get into my chosen university.

Sachin (IB), Hale

A big thank you to Jane for her help with the preparation for my Italian AS exam. The lessons were always well planned and enabled me to improve my grammar skills considerably, and achieve an A grade at AS.

Carol (AS), Manley, Frodsham