French Online Testimonials

Our daughter has been learning on line with Jane since December 2020 and she is enjoying this experience. She lacked confidence in her languages since she started learning with Jane. This has all changed and she is now learning two language GCSEs, with her confidence growing each lesson.

Parent of Holly, Bollington

Having enjoyed my face-to-face lessons with Jane I was dubious about how I would feel having to switch to online learning.  This should not have been a concern.  The lessons are equally effective and Jane prepares and delivers the lessons very efficiently.  I look forward to returning to face-to-face but in the meantime, this is certainly a very worthwhile way to continue.

Corinne, Alderley Edge

I began studying French with Jane in face to face lessons, before Covid, and found Jane to be an excellent teacher, she is very thorough, very well organised and uses a number of excellent teaching tools. Jane’s enthusiasm is infectious and she is very encouraging. This has carried me through a number of times when I have experienced difficulties with my studies, including having to switch to on-line lessons during the Covid lockdown; I’m not particularly tech-savvy but Jane’s patience has brought me to a point where I have no hesitation in recommending Jane as a language teacher both on-line and face to face.

Paul, Poynton

Jane has been great in helping me with my French over these past months. Thanks to her, I have learnt more in a couple of months than in two years with my schoolteacher. A high grade in the exam looks now more achievable.

Amaan, London (IGCSE)