French Exam Testimonials

There is little doubt in my mind that without the expert teaching and guidance of Jane I would probably not have achieved the A* that I did. Jane has been an extremely helpful tutor and has improved my knowledge greatly. I am carrying on to do AS with her.

Laurie (GCSE), Knutsford

Thank you for all the work you have done with Ciaran, he would never have achieved a B in his French without you and I am very impressed that he achieved an A in his speaking. Before he started with you I think he was on for a U. I think the confidence you gave him also helped him to focus on his studies in general and for him to realise he had to start working.

Parent of Ciaran (GCSE), Knutsford

Jane is really committed to her pupils and helped me all the way through my GCSE’s with a well-structured programme which suited me well. I had tutoring from her for nearly three years and started off with no understanding of French. I ended up with an A* in French with 100% in three out of four units. Jane knows the GCSE course well and therefore gave me vocabulary to learn which proved incredibly helpful to me. I would really recommend her as a teacher.

Hannah (GCSE), Knutsford

Katie enjoyed her French lessons with you, you gave her confidence in the subject, your knowledge of the syllabus, your enthusiasm for teaching the subject and for gaining the best out of your students is absolutely amazing. Having had one child study with you I knew that Katie would be in good hands and I never doubted that she would do well with you, achieving A* was excellent.

Parent of Katie (GCSE), Knutsford

Both my daughters have been tutored by Jane for the last couple of years. Alex was studying for her GCSE’s and in August achieved an excellent ‘A’ in French. Alex, whilst a very capable student needed the discipline and structure that Jane provided, to maximise her potential. Jane without doubt improved the grade Alex achieved.
Our other daughter Kirsty, needed different support. Kirsty was just starting at high school and was anxious that she had not studied French at primary school. Within months she was achieving excellent results and is now in the top set for French.

Parent of Alex and Kirsty (GCSE), Great Warford

Theodore Wall was tutored by Jane over the course of two years for his GCSE French exam. His experience was 100% positive. She provided in-depth coverage of the course and touched on areas not covered by the school curriculum. Additional homework was set. This gave Theo confidence, a deeper insight into the language, and enabled him to go the extra length that is required to achieve a good grade. Theo missed out on an A* by two marks. Theo attended fortnightly lessons, but in hindsight a weekly lesson would have been preferable. My youngest son Laurie is now being tutored by Jane on a weekly basis.

Parent of Theo (GCSE), Knutsford

My husband and I were impressed with Jane’s teaching. Our daughter found this essential in achieving her A grade in French GCSE. Jane is very dedicated to her students and is reflected in their results.

Parent of Jessica (GCSE), Mobberley

Jane’s teaching style is based on repetitive learning and I have responded well to this. It makes it easier for me to retain the vocabulary and grammar. Jane likes to encourage me to do a bit every day, which I don’t like but it does seem to work. I achieved a B grade in the end which I am pleased about.

Dominic (GCSE), Knutsford

I find the lessons really useful as I am beginning to understand the language and my results have improved greatly. I achieved a B grade which I am pleased about.

Ben (GCSE), Knutsford

The lessons are really good; everything is starting to fall into place. He got a B in his French. Thank you very much for all your efforts teaching him French, without which the story would have been quite different.

Parent of Alex (GCSE), Knutsford