Italian Testimonials

My wife and I attended Jane’s 3 half-day course in Italian. We really enjoyed it. Jane’s friend Christiana, a teacher from Italy, and Jane created an interesting and varied agenda for the course. This facilitated many opportunities to practise and develop our communication skills. We had a very friendly group with 3 other people of a similar standard to us and this allowed us all to learn together. This was our first 3 half day course with Jane and we fully intend to do another course next Summer on top of our on-going bi-weekly group discussion classes.

John and Margaret, Lymm

I know Michela worked hard but we are also aware that your encouragement, dedication and professionalism played a huge part in her success. Every lesson was well planned and structured and the regular homework ensured that Michela would achieve the best grade possible A*. It has been wonderful to watch Michela’s confidence grow and to hear her converse with her grandparents and cousins.

Parent of Michela (GCSE), Kingsmead

Jane gave family Italian lessons to myself and my two sons (aged 5 and 8) for nearly 5 months just before our move to Italy. Jane was extremely flexible with my boys and always tried to integrate their different interests into each lesson, whilst giving me more advanced exercises so I could guide my children. We enjoyed Jane’s lessons very much as she was always positive and encouraging. I would happily recommend Jane and hope to have a few more lessons on our visits back to the UK.

Sharon, Ollerton

I have been learning Italian along with my colleague for a year now with Jane and her teaching style has been perfect! She made sure all lessons where at the right speed and level which helped build our confidence quickly. Would highly recommend Jane to anyone looking to pick up a new language or to develop a language further.

Alex and Phil, Screenline, Hale

I joined a small group under the tutelage of Jane Froehlich and have now completed the introductory 6 week course. As a complete beginner, Jane introduced us seamlessly into a learning process, which was as stimulating as it was enjoyable. Lessons were held in the comfortable surroundings of Jane’s own home. Having been introduced to a number of learning aids, I will continue with the learning process in the hope that I can join another class in the future. A most rewarding and satisfying experience with an excellent teacher!

John (Italian Beginners group), Hale

I started Advanced French with Jane and then changed to Beginners’ Italian in November 2016. Jane handles these things so easily and professionally and with ultimate dedication. I can’t believe how far I’ve come with my Italian beyond A level and I’m so pleased to have had this time to develop more skills and a good friendship with Jane. I’ve plenty still to learn, of course, but Jane is there to guide, explain and coach. During 2020/21 we were in lockdown because of the Virus. Being a bit of a technophobe, I hated the idea of online lessons, but these have worked extremely well, and I now look forward to them.

Pamela, Congleton

I studied Italian with Jane for just over a year in preparation for my final IB Italian exam (an A-level alternative). Jane is an attentive, meticulous teacher with a passion for what she does. Having lessons with Jane saw my Italian improve massively in a short space of time. Her lessons were extremely well planned, setting out clear aims for me to achieve, putting emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. Without Jane, I wouldn’t have achieved the grades I need to get into my chosen university.

Sachin (IB), Hale

Jane has been teaching Italian to my two young daughters (aged 4 and 7) since January 2010. As we will be moving to Italy in July, I wanted them to be ‘aware’ of the language and learn some basic conversation. I have been delighted with their progress. Jane has been fantastic, they have learnt so much through play and rhymes and have really enjoyed it.

Parent of Molly and Honor, Altrincham

When I began learning Italian with Jane. I was an absolute beginner. I had never even visited Italy, but I was amazed how quickly I progressed with Jane’s teaching methods. Each lesson is well prepared with a very clear aim and aided by work books and work sheets, CDs, newspaper articles, and explanations and discussions of difficult points. If you are looking to learn Italian I can recommend Jane. She is an inspired enthusiastic teacher.

Rose, Hartford

Having spent many enjoyable hours with Jane learning Italian for more than 2 years I would have no doubts about recommending her to anyone. Her grasp of the languages she teaches is excellent and time spent living abroad offers ‘real’ language instruction, not just the theory. I was learning for business, the fact Jane has used her language skills in business was also a massive help, giving me a good understanding of the nuances when conducting business in a foreign language. The way the lessons are structured allows practice in the various disciplines of reading, writing and speaking the language.

Andrew Ralston, STM Power transmission Power, Winsford