Italian Group Testimonials

I joined a small group under the tutelage of Jane Froehlich and have now completed the introductory 6 week course. As a complete beginner, Jane introduced us seamlessly into a learning process, which was as stimulating as it was enjoyable. Lessons were held in the comfortable surroundings of Jane’s own home. Having been introduced to a number of learning aids, I will continue with the learning process in the hope that I can join another class in the future. A most rewarding and satisfying experience with an excellent teacher!

John (Italian Beginners group), Hale

Having joined Jane’s classes as a complete novice almost seven years ago and have found them extremely rewarding. Her teaching style and support in encouraging me through the challenges of the intricacies and structure of the language has been invaluable in becoming more confident in developing conversational skills. The opportunity to work in a small group has also been tremendously helpful, and fun, as was the summer school in Lucca. Thank you Jane.

Lesley (Thursday Italian Intermediate Group), Knutsford

I enjoyed Jane’s evening classes so much, that she was the teacher of choice for my wife and I to have private lessons in Italian. We have been doing these for a year. Jane has improved our Italian immensely through well thought out lessons, designed to meet our needs. We enjoyed our private lessons so much; we then joined a conversation group with 4 other students which further helped our development. And now we have just completed a 5 day immersion group in Lucca with Jane, the other students and a very good local Italian teacher. We go skiing in Italy in January and we know the Italian family we stay with, will be amazed by how much we have improved!

John and Margaret, Lymm

Many thanks. I have learnt a lot including grammar! I really liked being in a group and having you as my teacher. I have studied with you for 6 years.

Elizabeth, Warrington

I would like to thank you for the tuition you have given me over the past 6 years in small groups. You have given me lots of confidence in speaking and this I could see for myself during the language course, held in Lucca. Many thanks Jane.

Lesley, Knutsford

I should very much like to take this opportunity of recommending Jane Froehlich as a language teacher. I have spent several very happy and interesting years learning Italian under her tuition in a group and I am only ending these lessons due to health problems. I shall continue to study and practise on my own as I really enjoy the challenge. Do make a start, or brush up, on learning a language. I know that you will thoroughly enjoy it. Contact Jane NOW and happy studying.

Susanne, Knutsford

Having Jane as a tutor has really helped our understanding of the structure of the language rather than just learning sentences. Jane is very dedicated and ensures that you continue to push forward in your language skills whilst being patient to other demands on your life. As mature students with full time work this has been very helpful and we could not have accomplished the level of knowledge we did without her help and understanding.

Lynda & Simon, Alderley Edge

Paul and I started lessons with Jane as complete beginners and have very much enjoyed getting to grips with the basics of Italian. Jane was able to address our differing needs very well and it was lovely to have ‘one-to-one’ sessions as we felt we progressed quickly. There is a good mix of reading, writing and listening and being able to have conversations/lessons spoken in Italian really helped. The homework was challenging but not onerous and Jane is very supportive as a teacher.

Charlie & Paul, Holmes Chapel

We have learned Italian with Jane for 2 years. Her lessons are structured and varied and include grounding in grammar. They are also heavily geared towards being useful as a tourist. Having been to Italy this year, I found I could make myself understood in Italian and also understand the majority of the responses back! This enormously increased my enjoyment of the holiday.

Rosemary (Knutsford), Jacquie (Wincham) and Margaret (Poynton)

I have found Jane Froehlich to be a thoroughly well prepared and effective teacher of Italian to a group of adults. I have attended various Italian courses at different institutions and am most delighted with the tuition I have received from Jane. Her lessons are structured to include a good level of variety to sustain interest with a balance of speaking, listening and written activities supported by a promotion of useful vocabulary and understanding of grammar. Consequently I find myself motivated to pursue my study between lessons and feel that my progress has largely been due to Jane’s skilful teaching.

Kate, Chelford