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    German Exam Testimonials


    "Jane has been incredibly helpful in aiding me throughout A level German, enabling me to achieve a grade A despite the downgrading of exams as a result of Covid-19. Not only did Jane help me to achieve a high grade at A level, but she also suggested I should take the Goethe Institute B1 exam since my A level exams had been cancelled. I am so glad Jane encouraged me to do this exam because I not only passed well, but also achieved 100/100 in the speaking, which never would have been possible without her." Jane (A level/ Goethe Institute exam B1), Hale

    "I would thoroughly recommend studying German for an exam with Jane Froehlich, whose teaching style is enthusiastic, disciplined and knowledgeable. Under her tutelage I have gained two German Qualifications from the Goethe Institute (Zertifikat A2 & B1) with a very good pass. I look forward to exploring the German language further with her." Charlotte (Goethe Institute exams A2 & B1), London

    "Thank you so much for helping me learn German so well. I got an 8. I am very grateful." Louise (GCSE), Warrington

    We would both like to say a MASSIVE thank you for all your hard work & dedication in helping / tutoring Louise to achieve her German GSCE outside school, at Grade 8 this year.We couldn't be more pleased & proud of her. To see her reaction when she found out her result was fabulous. Thank you again, we would highly recommend you to any of our friends who are after a language tutor. Parents of Louise (GCSE), Warrington

    "I was extremely worried about my German A Level and I did not think that I was going to pass. Jane was a godsend who helped me to work harder, gave me the confidence that I could achieve a decent grade. I cannot recommend her enough for any A Level pupils, as she understands the syllabus very well and had a huge amount of resources, which aided my studies. I would not have obtained a C grade without her. I was predicted a grade D/E." Anton (A level), Cuddington

    "Although Anna found the listening and speaking exam very difficult, and did not quite get her timing right, I know that her lessons with you have helped in so many ways. She has certainly made amazing progress in such a short space of time. More than anything, Anna actually started to enjoy learning German and could see how great it is to be able to speak another language." Parent of Anna (A level), Knutsford

    "I have been studying with Jane for a year after having lacked any real knowledge of German grammar and I was taught in an environment where there was little emphasis on important vocabulary. I have since developed a grasp of the grammar and vocabulary necessary for me to be able to achieve the top grade at GCSE. I attribute my grade 9 to her teaching that allowed me to develop skills that have formed a good basis for my continued study of German at A Level." Jane (GCSE), Hale

    "Jane is a diligent and thorough language tutor, with a keen eye for detail. She has a gentle but firm approach with students and is able to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Through this understanding she then constructs a way of working which supports the individual needs of the learner, encouraging students to succeed by giving them confidence in their abilities". Vita, Bramhall

    "Many thanks Jane for all the support and good lessons. I was delighted to get an A." Max, (GCSE) Knutsford

    "Thank you so much for tutoring our daughter Leoni. You helped improve her understanding of the German language so much that you raised her grade from a predicted 'C' to get a result of 'A' at GCSE level. We couldn't have done it without you." Parents of Leoni (GCSE)

    "Many Thanks for all your help and support over the couple of months you taught her. Without your guidance Anna feels she probably wouldn't have achieved the B." Parent of Anna (GCSE), Knutsford

    "I decided to study German at A-level as I loved it so much. However, due to insufficient teaching at school I received only a D in AS. With only six months left until my resits and A2 exams, Jane began tutoring me. Jane's tuition vastly improved my grammar and overall confidence in only a few short months. I truly believe that it was Jane's excellent teaching that improved my knowledge of German, which resulted in achieving a B in my A2 exams. Her help has enabled me to secure my place at my first choice of university, studying a modern language." Sarah (A2), Knutsford

    "I had been learning German for six years when Jane began tutoring me German. I loved the subject but was getting Cs in A level mocks due to bad teaching at my secondary school but thanks to Jane's tuition my focus and grammar improved drastically in a matter of months and I managed to get an A in my German A2! I was well and truly saved by Jane's teaching! I now have not only the grades but the confidence to go on and study German at degree level." Megan (A2), Tarvin (Chester)

    "Jane is a fantastic teacher, enthusiastic and incredibly knowledgeable in languages. Her lessons are well planned, interesting and the improvement I have made is unbelievable. I would definitely recommend Jane to any future students." Jenny (A level), Mobberley Knutsford

    "We just wanted to say thank you so much for your tutoring of Becky this last year, without your help she would have been looking at best at a 'C' grade instead she achieved a grade 'A' to compliment her other results." Parents of Becky (GCSE), Northwich

    "Sadie got an A! We are so pleased for her. There is no way she could have made such a grade leap without your tuition and we can't thank you enough." Parent of Sadie (GCSE)

    "Thank you so much for your help with my German work. I can honestly say that without your help I would have failed, happily though I got a B in German overall with As in my reading and listening!" Libby (GCSE), Wilmslow

    "I really enjoyed the lessons and thought you explained things very well. We covered grammar structures that I had not covered in school. Thank you very much for all your hard work - your tuition definitely helped me achieve my A grade in GCSE German." Laura (GCSE), Knutsford

    "Maddie was feeling very unconfident about German GCSE when she came to you. You focused her learning and gave her lots of practice in speaking and listening, which were the areas that were particularly worrying her. I soon noticed a significant boost in confidence and knowledge, which has resulted in an A* in her GCSE! We are, of course, delighted. Thank you for all your help and for making lessons enjoyable." Parent of Maddie (GCSE), Kingsley, Frodsham

    "I'm very grateful for all your hard work and enthusiasm that has helped me to reach an A grade at GCSE German. Thank you for everything." Charlotte (GCSE), Lymm

    "Many thanks to Jane. She is a patient and thorough teacher, who was able to take my son from a predicted grade C in German at the beginning of year 11 to a grade A, despite some reluctance on his part. He is extremely grateful for the help he received, and is now considering a course which would involve further language studies at University." Parent of Callum (GCSE), Lymm